Diamonds are Like ceaseless entities. Possessing a gemstone composed of the very last rites of your cherished one leaves a memorable possession an individual can behold immediately after anyone gets left to the skies. These diamonds really are ceaseless and can be embraced indefinitely being a token of love, existence and remembrance.
The memorial diamonds will be the diamonds wherein the turning of human ashes into diamonds is done by means of synthetic technologies using either the ashes or your hair of your beloved one.

A very intricate making however delicate management process is accepted across the way to convert the very last remains of your loved one into something unforgettable and amazing to cherish until your home is. These diamonds can be sculpted into either rings or pendants according to the client’s wish. The costs, however,depends upon the number of this rites the size of the memorabilia getting made and the color of the diamond wanted.
The Approach Often takes 20 weeks to sixty five weeks to complete and make and shipped.
Means of making
The Practice Of making these diamonds comprise:
· Primarily the material review of this sent ashes or hairs is performed
· Then your NANO crystallization process happens above.

· After that flushing of the item at elevated temperatures is done.
· And subsequently a carbon purification procedure follows.
· After the procedure process is completed high temperature requirements are formed artificially within this purified carbon and then place apart to remain.
· After all of the creation process is carried out the diamonds are elegant and designed in accordance with the chosen design, form and coloring.
After all of The above-mentioned measures are conducted appropriately the finished merchandise is shipped for the customer during freelancer. The process typically takes 20 days to 65 weeks to make and complete and sent.