According to the newest Car noticias, it is true that the automobile industry is fighting a lot. As an example, the most recent setback for the automobile business could be the close of this Bridgend plant by ford. Jaguar, Nissan, and land rover are cutting production. Honda also announced it will soon be closing its plant in Sweden. Due to the numerous closed and production cut , it is clear that the auto market is fighting with challenges and the consumers are buying fewer cars. If you didn’t cars (coches) understand, this is what is holding back the manufacturers

The decreasing demand for cars
After many years of Success, global coches sales went apartment from the year 2018. Recently, Jaguar blamed its poor earnings on falling demand from the Chinese economy. The falling indemand for car brands is exactly what makes most manufacturers close their plants and even slow down their own production. Consumer confident has also contributed to the slow interest in automobiles.

Emission Problems

Emission problems are Also a great challenge to the car industry at this time. The grade of atmosphere, as And the taxation, have contributed too much to the dropoff particularly in Petrol sales. Emotions and taxations have contributed to a drop in total Income Of cars by at least 7%. There has been the introduction of tough carbon Monoxide rules and rules. The rules have been designed to curb the global Warming effect. Due to its requirements, the construction of a Vehicle is very Costly. In the coming years, manufacturers will have to face heavy fines if They violate the snowball arrangement.