Tips to getting it right with car rental services

If you follow the below tips, you will be able to enjoy your ride with the luxury car rental dubai services. These are tips which will ensure that you get it right and avoid costly mistakes

Stay on the road: When you get a rental car, remember that, it is not meant for safari expeditions and thus, you have to respect the car as for what it is. When you decide to take your vehicle off-roading and yet it is not meant for that, you will be violating the agreement when you rented it. Any damages which will be caused or if you get stuck in the wilderness, the insurance doesn’t cover that. It will mean you pay extra fees for cleaning and towing.
• You have to take care where you park: There is no need for you to park somewhere where you will find it with missing plates and a broken windscreen. Make it your duty to ask the representative of your rental services about the regulations as far as parking is concerned. There is a system for every place and chances are that what is used in Dubai is different from your own home city parking style.
The general ones are about the yellow lines which are a no-no when it comes to stopping or parking. For the blue lines, you might be allowed to park by paying the parking meter charges which are displayed on the ticket on the dashboard behind the vehicle’s windshield. When there are no lines, then it means free parking unless there is something else stated on by the traffic sign.
• Never lose your car keys:The car keys are not the same. This means that it is not possible for you to just go to hardware and get a copy of the vehicle’s keys. There are complex electronics found in the car keys and since it is not possible to get a duplicate, you will need to order a duplicate from the manufacturer in case you lose one.

Posted on February 19, 2020